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The Irregulars

The Irregulars (2021)

Brief Nudity


The teen-centric twist on Sherlock Holmes you've always presumably wanted is finally here with The Irregulars, a Netflix series from the UK that premiered in the early spring of 2021. In this telling of the tale, Holmes (Henry Lloyd Hughes) and his trusted sidekick Dr. Watson (Royce Pierreson) aren't so much villains as they are nefariously bankrolling a team of gifted, but troubled, homeless teens kicking around Baker Street. These kids are the actual brains behind the operation, so to speak, most of them the silent brooding sexy type like Spike (McKell David), Billy (Jojo Mecari), and Leopold (Harrison Osterfeld), the others being the more brash risk-taking type like Jessie (Darci Shaw) and Bea (Thaddea Graham). Operating as sort of a gender-mixed Victorian-era Charlie's Angels—or the original original X-Men—the team serves at the whims of Holmes and Watson, but begins to question their benefactors' motives as they are increasingly put in harms way. Can their benevolent overlords be trusted or are they not as benevolent as the street teens initially hoped? There's only one season so far, so you can't expect us to know for sure, but this is a more twisted take on the times, that's for sure! It certainly helps that both Jojo Mecari and Harrison Osterfeld shed their shirts to show off their muscly bods! Hottie Kieran Hodgson appears in episode three and disrobes to show off his ass, though we're sad to confirm it's the work of a body double! You can quickly soothe those wounds with a steamy shirtless shower scene in the debut episode from Micha Loubon with lots of full nudity from uncredited extras in the background! The most irregular thing here is that the show's not about those guys!