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Night Teeth

Night Teeth (2021)

No Nudity

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Night Teeth (2021) is a thrilling, bloodthirsty vampire film filled with vampire vixens. There are so many famous women in this movie like Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney, but we are here for the hunky dudes. The plot follows a young man named Benny who works as a freelance driver. He gets hired one night to be a chauffeur for two wild young women who ask him to drive them around to different parties and not ask questions. He starts to realize that these ladies are dangerous, but it is in his best interest not to question them if he wants to make it through this night alive. As he realizes that they are hundreds of years old vampires, he also gets thrown into the middle of an ancient vampire war in the middle of Los Angeles. Will anyone make it through this night alive? We will see! That being said, there are so many sexy men to keep him interested. Hunter Burke plays Daniel and Kevin Reid plays a victim named Max. Both of these men are shirtless and sexy when they are strapped to tables for the vampire ladies to feast upon without any kind of a fight from the guys. These hotties are clearly not just vampire snacks - they are the whole damn meal! Benny walks in on this boy buffet and the girls have to explain themselves to him, but he should get it. They're hot and tasty. Who doesn't want to bite into these boys?