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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes (2021)

No Nudity


Open Your Eyes (2021) is a Polish series that will take you for a wild, science-fiction ride. A woman named Julia wakes up one day and finds herself at a treatment center for patients with amnesia. She had just been in a horrible car accident that killed the rest of her family, so she is all by herself as she tries to get better and get her memory back. That being said, she is also alone in the world with no one to help trigger her memory. She bonds with other patients who have also experienced major traumas. A mysterious boy named Adam becomes her guide at the center and helps her through this strange new life of hers. Things get a little twisted when she starts to have weird dreams that feel VERY real. She starts wondering what is real and what is fake - including the treatment center itself. She now thinks she has to escape the center to see for herself, but that might open up even scarier things for Julia. Wojciech Dolatowski plays Szymon who goes shirtless in one scene that shows his bulge. Speaking of bulges, the guy who plays Adam shows his, too. Ignacy Liss plays Adam and he looks amazing in his underwear. Check out that package! We would love for Ignacy to be our guide if he showed us things looking like that at all times. Looking at these two guys is going to awaken some brand new sexy memories for the viewer!