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Physical (2021-2023)

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Physical (2021) is an AppleTV original series about a lonely, insecure housewife played by Rose Byrne who gets very into aerobics. At first, aerobics brings her empowerment, community, and something to do. She feels strong and fit as she delves into the world of spandex onesies, leg warmers, and fast-paced peppy movements. However, she also brings a lot of her physical insecurities with her into the world of aerobics and the gym spa world is not super kind to those with hangups about diet and exercise. This series explores the differences between self-improvement, fitness, and mental health as Rose's character Sheila Rubin struggles to accept her body and herself with or without aerobics. A lot of Shiela's problems come from a home which is crazy because her husband Danny Rubin is played by comedian-turned-actor Rory Scovel. Rory is a good-natured guy in real life, but he plays a self-involved environmental activist who also likes to show his ass...a lot. He shows his beautiful glowing booty in three different scenes and one shirtless sex scene where we see how much he sweats in bed. We see his ass a bunch, like when he stands right in front of the camera butt-ass naked and holding a cigarette. Honey, his backside is the only thing smoking here. We watch him naked twice in his bedroom as he talks to his wife. How is she not umping all over his smooth, tanned tush?! We want to get physical with Rory Scovel ASAP. Count us in, Rose!