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Queer as Folk (2022)

Great Nudity!

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Shantay you slay! The original 1999 British version of Queer As Folk was a groundbreaking gay soap that introduced mainstream audiences to the gay lifestyle. And the people loved it! That series brought us, among many hot scenes, future A-lister Charlie Hunnam's unbelievable ass eating scene when he was only eighteen years old. The American Queer As Folk debuted in 2000, and let's just say that stars like Hal Sparks and Peter Paige got a little aughty! Cut to 2022, when we got the most recent iteration of Queer As Folk. Thankfully it's every bit as fabulous as its predecessors. This Queer As Folk takes place in New Orleans, where we learn that queerness comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Representation, you better work! Brodie, played by Devin Way, returns to New Orleans after being away for two years to discover that his friends and family have all moved on and changed in his absence. He must navigate former flames, new love interests, and everything in between... but most importantly, he must learn that it's okay to be himself. The nudity and gay scenes here are second to none! Devin Way is way hot, and pounds Caleb J. Spivak from behind before spotting his BLM back tattoo and abruptly stopping. We get to see both of their awesome fat asses! Devin also shows that sweet ass after waking up on the couch with Caleb. Special star Ryan O'Connell is in his underwear, Steffan Argus gets his ass eaten, Johnny Sibilly doesn't mess with the formula by going nude for a gay scene, and so much more! Folk me!