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School Spirits

School Spirits (2023)

Brief Nudity

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School Spirits is the latest spooky-teens-with-problems series on the new go-to network for these types of shows, Paramount+! Netflix might have Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, but Paramount+ churned out Wolf Pack and School Spirits in the same year, making it the new network to watch. So what is School Spirits about? Peyton List plays a high school girl named Maddie who finds herself in purgatory after being murdered. Her purgatory happens to be high school (a truly terrifying thought!) and from her purgatory high school she is able to closely follow the people she used to know, and in doing so, learns incriminating things about her disappearance. Will Maddie be able to solve her own murder from purgatory high school? You'll just have to watch this one to find out! The man who Maggie initially thinks killed her, Xavier Baxter, is played by the actor Spencer MacPherson, and he delivers the show's only nudity. So he's innocent we tell ya, innocent! He gets busted taking a shower, and we can see his entire nude body with just his hands covering his cock and balls! Plus check out Kristian Flores shirtless in the locker room, as well as Milo Manheim's sexy scene. This cocky bastard casually chills in a pool floatie in his bathing suit, which is hiked pretty damn high up his thighs. His bathing suit bunches up around his crotch, and we get a pretty dang good bulge shot as a result. We've got school spirit yes we do, and after watching School Spirits, we also have goo!