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Sexy Shane McCracken is an actor, filmmaker, model, and all-around beefcake dreamboat. Seriously, this guy is a stud, but if you have already seen him in any way then you do not need us to tell you that. You already know! He worked in the editorial department for a few films, slicing and dicing them to make sure they look good. He is clearly very talented, but we definitely prefer his acting roles. He has played Carl Applebaum in Tied to the Past (2017), Adam Austin in People Magazine Investigates (2018), as well as roles in Clickbait (2019) and Retired Cupid (2018). All of that was simply a lead-up to his best work yet: playing Shane in the hilarious and strange comedy Hard Plastic (2020). Hard Plastic was co-written by Andy Dick who stars in the movie with his real-life daughter Meg. While the plot in the movie focuses on this father-daughter dup, Andy knows that we want to see some eye candy. MALE eye candy. Thank goodness comedian Andy Dick is a bisexual boy who loves, well, dick. He doesn't show any dick in this movie, but Shane McCracken does show off his booty. Andy makes Shane take off his clothes as Andy watches by the pool. Shane covers his crotch with his hands as Andy encourages him to dive in. Andy gets impatient and shoves Shane into the swimming pool - but not before we get to see his booty. Now that's an ass with a beautiful crack. Can we get McCracken up in that crack? One thing is for certain: Shane will drain your vain!