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Hard Plastic

Hard Plastic (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Hard Plastic (2021) is a strange, fun indie comedy written by Lucas Astrom and Andy Dick and directed by Lucas. The plot follows a young woman who aspires to be a disc golfer who aims to prove to her very vocal and opinionated father that her passion for disc golf is a real sport. The daughter is played by Andy Dick's REAL daughter Meg Dick. It is likely not easy to grow up as Andy Dick's daughter, so it is a very fun treat to watch the real father-daughter duo act together in this silly black-and-white film. Shane McCracken plays Shane - hey, that's his real name! - and looks amazing as a buff beefcake that stands by the pool as Andy Dick sits in a pool chair. Hey, Andy has the best view in the house for sure. Andy then orders Shane to take off his clothes and get into the pool, advising him to watch out for lizards in the pool. Shane gets down to his undies. Then Shane takes those tighty-whiteys off, but he sadly covers his junk with his hands. That hand thong only covers so much as the camera takes us to the backside view which shows off Shane McCracken's perky peach. Wow, those buns are adorable! Andy stares at his ass some more as he encourages Shane to dive into the water, but then Andy gets impatient and stands up to push Shane into the water. That makes a splash! Shane is now wet and so are you.