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Six is Not a Crowd

Six is Not a Crowd (2024-)

Great Nudity!

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The MAX Original series Six is Not a Crowd posits the question, what if you met the girl of your dreams but then discovered she was polyamorous! This Argentinian series centers around hopeless romantic Damián (Nicolás Furtado) who goes to his best friend's wedding where he meets Carolina (Delfina Chaves), the manic pixie dream girl of his dreams! Though she makes several attempts to warn him, he thinks he's met his soulmate, and now he's going to meet all of her's. 

Gay couple Federico Salles and Juan Sorini have several gay hook-ups, with Sorini baring his butt in several other scenes. Watch for a fantastic full frontal nude debut by Roque José Alvarado, and Luciano Mellera's bare ass almost makes up for leading man Nicolás Furtado never doffing more than his shirt!