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The House of Flowers

The House of Flowers (2018-2020)

Great Nudity!


You've gotta give Netflix's Mexican telenovela The House of Flowers (2018) its flowers: it was a smash hit internationally, revived the genre for the Millennial generation, and was renowned for its portrayal of gay characters. On the show, no wedding, anniversary or even birthday party is complete without flowers from the de la Mora's world famous flower shop. Part of the prestige comes from how famous the de la Mora family is and how classy they come off to outsiders. But all is not well behind the scenes. A woman named Roberta (Claudette Maille) kills herself in the shop, and it's revealed she was the secret mistress of family patriarch Ernesto (Arturo Rios), much to the surprise of Ernesto's wife Virginia (Veronica Castro). Needless to say, Ernesto's big birthday party couldn't come at a worse time, since everyone from his hot son Julian (Dario Yazbek Bernal) and his responsible daughter Paulina (Cecilia Suarez) to his America living daughter Elena (Aislinn Derbez) are all heading home. But that's not all. Ernesto's about to find out that Roberta popped out a few kids of her own, and they all are going to want in on the flower fortune. Intriguing, but also skintriguing, we get to see some gorgeous guys who are prettier to look at than any flower throughout the show. When Felipe Flores and Gary Centeno take off their shirts and wear little undies, we get to admire them bulging out. But that's just the beginning. We get to see a lot of naked Dario Yazbek Bernal, Federico Espejo, and Juan Pablo Medina when the three engage in some sexy play. At one point, Dario and Federico have sex while Juan Pablo watches and in the morning Juan kicks the guys out, letting us see some ass. Forget me not, that ass is too hot! Dario makes some shirtless returns when he is in a sauna with a shirtless Irving Pena, both men steaming up the screen. These men are blooming in the nude right before our eyes! Javier Jattin had us jackin when he showed his ass railing some hottie in a greenhouse, while Lucas Velazquez bared his tight buns while standing naked in front of a woman. Spare us the bouquet, we'll just take some of that bootay after watching The House of Flowers!