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Dark Desire

Dark Desire (2020-2022)

Brief Nudity


Dark Desire (2020) is a Mexican Netflix original about a married woman named Alma who takes a weekend away from her home and husband. Left to her own devices, things get out of hand. After a weekend filled with passion and tragedy, she wonders what exactly happened and how well she really knows the people around her. We also want to know how well she knows Alejandro Speitzer, the tall and dashing young man who plays Dario. He looks so sexy shirtless, so we'd personally love to get to know him a lot better. His very best looks come when he is cut and chiseled and taking off his bottoms in order to swim in the pool. He swims naked and we get to see an aerial view of his ass underwater. The underwater buns do it for the woman he's with who then has sex with him in the pool. He's having pool sex, but we don't get to see his tool. That's okay. This muscular and lean hombre is giving us seriously horny feelings when we watch his ass in action. That hot ass certainly gets a lot of action. He's not the only ass-out hottie! Jorge Poza posits some peach when he bangs a babe on a table. We get to see his ass and strong back as he thrusts into this lucky Mexican mamacita. The women are spicy and the men are downright caliente! These sexy Mexis are filling us with the darkest of desires.