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The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas (2021)

Great Nudity!


The Five Juanas (2021) is a Netflix series that is filled to the brim with some boys. First, let's tell you all about the plot of this Mexican series. The series follows five women who all find out that they have the same mysterious birthmark. They join forces and try to figure out what exactly this birthmark means. They unravel details about their pasts and find out that they may all be used in a politician's evil plots. Dun dun dun! There are five women at the helms of the series, but we are here for the nine sexy guys. Check out Ricky de Real, for example, who keeps it really real when he goes shirtless as Daniel. Harding Junior will make you hard when you see him play Claudio who gets shirtless. You'll want to claw your way through his undies, too. Jorge Antonio Guerrero plays Lorenzo whose booty is poppin' in his dark-lit sex scene. Mauricio Isaac plays Victor and he remains victorious when he shows his ass as he undresses outside. He has a birthmark on his booty it looks like! Guillermo Zuleta plays Jordi Valencia who bulges out in his undies that perfectly showcase his fit figure. Pedro de Tavira is shirtless, sexy, and straight when he gets down to his undies for a straight scene. Pablo Astiazaran plays Camilo who also shows up in his black undies as he lays in bed. Oh, those abs! Ivan Amozurrutia plays Federico and Franco Molinas plays Roberto, both of whom show their butts. The Five Juanas definitely know how to pick their men.