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Before I Forget

Before I Forget (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Before I Forget (2021) is a Mexican series that is a Spanish-language adaptation of a 2018 Turkish series. This version follows a man named Pascual Leon who is an older man. He is 65-years-old and a single retiree. He gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's and during this mental state, he decides to use his ailing condition as an excuse to kill people who have committed an awful crime. He wants to get revenge on a past wrong before his memory totally erases everything that has happened to him in his life. He starts this mission and a young female police officer begins to investigate these mysterious crimes. Pascual dedicates his killings to her, so she tries to go back into her childhood memories in order to figure out why these things are dedicated to her and what the link might be between the murders and the old man's motivations. When he can't remember, she has to figure it out for him. Ari Brickman plays Olmo Bonete another old man who does some really great nude work in this series. In one episode, he is seen without a lick of clothing, but we certainly would love to lick his body from head to toe. We get to watch him dive into a swimming pool and swim in the buff with his booty floating in the swimming pool. He gets out of the pool and stands in front of another man who clearly gets a great front side view. We get to see his ass and that is a butt we can never forget.