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Somos. (2021)

Brief Nudity


Somos. (2021) is a Netflix original from Mexico that takes place in a border town called Allende. The people's lives there are being dominated by the cartel's shady dealings. This leads to a lot of tragedy and strife in this story that is actually based on a real series of events. Somos is Spanish for "we are" in this story that shows us just how human, horrifying, and relatable living in Allende can really be for average citizens just trying to make their way through the world. Somos as a title calls to that idea that we are all here together, even in this story based on a ProPublica article called How the U.S. triggered a massacre in Mexico". Jesus Sida plays Paquito in the show and he gets arrests which means that he gets down to his skivvies and has to hold his clothes as a guard takes him to the doctor for an inspection. Watch his bulge jiggle in his green tighties (tighty-greenies? Is that a thing? It should be a thing. It's a thing now!). When he gets to the doctor he slips off his panties and we get to check out his brown and beautiful ass. He is then asked to do some calisthenics! He does a couple of squats as the doctor watches and we get to see that ass in motion yet again. Then the doctor says that that is all and dismisses our hunky Jesus. Who is in love with naked Jesus Sida? Somos! We are!