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Stitchers (2015-2017)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Kristen (Emma Ishta) is recruited into a top secret government agency where agents are “stitched” into the memories of people who recently died. By navigating their memories these agents are able to help solve their murder. Stitchers follows Kristen and her fellow agents as they deal with probing people’s memories and solving unsolved crimes. Kyle Harris shows off his sexy upper body when he dies and his memories are investigated. Emma catches him right after the shower when he is wrapped in just a towel. He does have a large scar down his chest, but that doesn’t take away from his chiseled physique and incredible good looks. The juicy Jack Turner shows off his chiseled chest when he gets shirtless in season one, episode seven. We also get some bare chested action from Pete Ploszek and Daniel Kash. Our favorite sexy moment in Stitchers has to be getting to watch the delicious Drew Fonteiro and Eugene Shaw share a sensual smooch!