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Stuart: A Life Backwards

Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007)

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Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007) is a very compelling look back at a pair of young British actors who would go on to become absolute A-listers, back when they were just getting started in their careers. Based on the award-winning book where Alexander Masters does a deep dive into how his homeless buddy Stuart Clive Shorter ended up a career criminal, in 2007 HBO hired David Attwood to direct a film version for the network. Before he really hit it big as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch played Alexander Masters, a writer whose unlikely relationship with a down-and-out, homeless drunk he is absolutely captivated by takes a turn when Alexander discovers his alcoholic friend Stuart's (Tom Hardy) terrible lot in life may be the result of traumatic childhood events. Like the readers of the book, viewers learn about Stuart's past in reverse order, starting with his life as a homeless wino and eventually ticking back to a run-in with a creepy babysitter that really set Stu on a path to destruction. It's a dark flick, but at least there's dick. Yes, speaking of sitting, we wouldn't mind taking a seat on young Tom Hardy's hard meat! About five years before he was Bane, Tom let us see his main vain in one deeply depressing scene. That thing could break our back! Stuart is in the midst of an attempt to off himself, which leaves him stripped naked and covered in blood as he goes on a manic rampage. For several phenomenal minutes, we go to see the true girth of his despair! There are some great angles of that dangle, which might explain how the hot piece of ass became best buds with a man of the upper class. If he actually looked like Tom Hardy, Mr. Man will happily back that ass up to ease some of Stuart's pain in Stuart: A Life Backwards!