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Red Road

Red Road (2006)

Great Nudity!

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It's an art flick. Okay. It's a thriller. Good. Co-stars Tony Curran and Paul Higgins show some skin. Excellent. Set in gloomy Glasgow, Red Road (2006) finds Jackie (Kate Dickie) getting paid to observe video surveillance of a single block along The Red Road Flats housing project. She's supposed to be making sure everyone stays safe and nobody commits any crimes, but when she observes an ex-con named Clyde (Tony Curran) prowling her electronic beat, Kate becomes obsessed with him. Not content with seeing him in two dimensions on the other side of a screen, she decides to go on the hunt and starts stalking him in real life. Eventually, she'll go so far as to try to frame him for sexually assaulting her. But why? What sort of sordid Scottish past did they share that is leading her to try and ruin his life? Well, it ends up that Clyde's worst crime was killing Jackie's husband and daughter, and even though he served plenty of time in prison she's become obsessed with getting revenge. The first film of the "Advance Party" project that sought to have first time directors make movies using all the same characters, Andrea Arnold's contribution to the vengeance genre made sure to contribute to our collection of hot naked men. Paul and Tony both show their backsides, with Paul flashing his posterior during some backseat sex and Tony's tush popping up when he has sex the traditional way: on a bed. But Tony goes a step further by briefly showing his bag pipe as he slides a condom on. Stay safe! Sorry Kare, that's the best Dickie! With all that action, the Red Road will lead you to temptation!