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That Damn Michael Che

That Damn Michael Che (2021)

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That Damn Michael Che (2021) was created by and stars standup comedian, writer, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update correspondent, and shock funnyman Michael Che. That is a lot of different descriptors, but they all fit for this fantastic hottie. Michael Che created this show for HBO Max because he apparently does not feel like he is busy enough. Michael presents his hilarious and outrageous ideas that often push the envelopes of what is acceptable in our society through sketches that take place throughout his home city of New York. Reggie Alvin Green plays Paco the Homeless Man in one sketch in which Michael Che and a co-star are sitting on a subway without their Covid masks on. This sketch, and the entire first season of this show, takes place entirely within the Covid-19 pandemic, so remember that if you are reading about this show several years from now and wondering why everyone is wearing a mask over their face. Well, everyone except for Michael! That's the point of his sketch in which Reggie approaches him about his non-mask use. We should note that Reggie is totally nude. He is full-frontal naked on the subway and the only thing that he IS wearing is a hospital mask as he points to a subway ad about mask use and lectures Michael Che. Che does not want to listen to him because Reggie is butt-ass naked, but we really think that Michael Che should adopt Reggie's dress code and ditch the clothes to put on the mask.