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Resident Alien (2021) is a very fun and funny mystery series on the Syfy channel from creator Chris Sheridan. This series follows a crash-landed alien in a small Colorado town who takes on a new identity of a smalltown doctor. He is named Harry and he tries to fit into a normal human society which he eventually starts to enjoy more. That really begins to conflict with the reason that he's on earth at all: to do a mission that will put the humans that he is befriending in peril. So what will he do? Well, we all have to watch to see what happens, but luckily watching is made pretty easy with one super sexy man to enjoy. The always friendly-faced cutie Alan Tudyk stars in the show as the leading man, Doctor Harry Vanderspiegle, and the human suit is something that he has to transition into in a way that is pretty delightful to watch because he is naked. We get to watch him crawl around on all fours on the ground in which he isn't wearing a single stitch of clothing. We do not get to see his ass, but our eyes are instead trained on his athletic legs and his shirtless chest and arms. Watching this little tease of nudity from Alan Tudyk is out of this world, but we obviously hope that Alan Tudyk shows his actual dick sometime soon. Human or alien, we don't really care! We just want to see what's down under there.