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The Deleted

The Deleted (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Get ready to meet your new favorite television obsession! The Deleted comes from Bret Easton Ellis (director of The Canyons), so you shouldn't be surprised that it's full of nude dudes and features some hot gay action to boot. The plot follows a group of gorgeous 20-somethings recently free from the confines of an insidious cult. When we say "gorgeous," we mean it. The men here make the cast of The O.C. look like the Addams Family, and what's even more skinteresting is that "The Institute" somehow programmed them to be constantly horny. For some reason, the characters want to curb the amount of sex they have with each other by getting to the bottom of their hyperactive libidos. And that's pretty much the plot. Speaking of bottoms, you're going to love the Mr. Man-approved dudity here, including buns from Will Peltz, Spencer Neville, Ian Nelson, Trent Garrett, and more! Now, it's time to Delete a box of tissues.