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The Maid (2014)

Brief Nudity

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The Maid (2014) is about the power of emotional intimacy and its ability to reach across generations. Jack (Ryan Cerenko) is a listless all-American boy who travels to England in hopes of reconnecting with his estranged father. Upon arriving, it doesn’t take long for our horny little buckaroo to come across pop’s sexy older maid, Maria (Claire Kahane). Maria sympathizes with the troubled Jack, and soon the two of them form a strong attraction to one another. The critically acclaimed flick then explores Maria’s ability to heal Jack, and it turns out Maria learns a little something about herself as well. Cool! The most important part of The Maid to us here at Man is the fact that Ryan is an adorable lean actor who doesn’t mind showing off his plump pale ass! If you’re dyin’ for Ryan, head to the 1 hour, 24 minute mark where he bares buns while pumping his gal. You’ll need a maid to clean up your mess after seeing this scene!    


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