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Bonobo (2014)

Great Nudity!

The proper and uptight Judith (Tessa Peake-Jones) has quite a fit when she discovers that her daughter Lily (Eleanor Wyld) has dropped out of law school and headed off to Bonobo (2014), a crazy commune that mirrors their lifestyle after the behavior of the Bonobo ape, an animal whose social construction revolves around recreational sex. Determined not to see Lily throw her life away, mom heads to the titular location to talk some sense into her. It’s there where she meets Anita (Josie Lawrence), the enigmatic commune leader who agrees to act as a mediator between mom and daughter, provided Judith gives the commune a chance. Of course, when the middle-aged widow actually frees her mind, she eventually discovers herself while strengthening her relationship with Lily.

You’ll strengthen your relationship with yourself when you see full-on nudity from Will Tudor and Milton Lopes, along with butt from James Norton and Orlando Seale. Thanks for the glandular gifts, guys!


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