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The State Within

The State Within (2006)

No Nudity

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The State Within is a groundbreaking and highly acclaimed British six-part drama series with some surprisingly hot gay content! Throughout the airtight 2006 season, diplomats from both America and Britain spar over intel that reveals larger conspiracies than any of us could have imagined. It's almost like governments don't always have the world's best interest in mind! Crazy. Anyway we highly recommend this series to anyone who needs a classic, impeccably written political thriller with real-world implications. Of course the reason that we're writing about The State Within here at Mr. Man is that within The State Within, you can find yourself in a state of horniness! That's right, this series assembles some of the sexiest actors of the 2000s, and they do not mind letting loose on camera. Ben Daniels is an iconic queer celebrity, and in other projects we've been lucky enough to see him fully nude on screen. That isn't the case on The State Within, but Ben does deliver a hot gay scene! He swaps spit with fellow hottie Noam Jenkins during a lengthy and passionate gay make out. Like, do these boys ever come up for air? Then you have the dashing Jason Isaacs. He sadly doesn't get gay in The State Within (how dreamy would a Ben Daniels and Jason Isaacs gay matchup be?), but he does show off his hot chest while pounding a woman like he's in a damn porno. From the quality acting to the gay make out to the porno pounding, The State Within will have your hand within your pants!