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Skins (2007-2008)

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The British teen drama Skins focuses on a passel of pals in Bristol going to Roundview Sixth Form College and trying to make sense of their adolescence. But this isn't Dawson's Creek, no sir—this teener fare is full of fully bared skin! Hugely controversial for the seven seasons it aired between 2007 and 2013, one of the unique aspects of the show was that kids came and go in cycles, with stars aging out and the show often following their younger siblings. This was intentional as Skins prided itself on using actors close to the age of their characters instead of the "25 year olds playing teens" move most teen shows opt for. With storylines involving drugs, sex, divorce, eating disorders, gang violence, and all sorts of other wild and shocking situations, Skins featured some of the most famous actors on the planet before they got big, including Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, Daniel Kaluuya, and like half the Game of Thrones cast. An American remake flamed out after one season because the Yanks couldn't handle seeing these youngsters strip down, but the Brits were cool with it. Mr. Man is too! In one of the series' lighter moments, Dev Patel, Mitch Hewer and Mike Bailey all strip down for some skinnydipping, before Joe Dempsie, Mike Bailey, Robert Wilfort and Daniel Kaluuya all strip down to be hosed down. Nicholas Hoult looked rather hot lifting weights in his undies, as well as when he shows his ass banging some babe. He might not be that into it, though, since we see him and Mitch Hewer doing it with each other not long after. Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie lets us see his ass when he passes out and gets written all over, while Mike Bailey lets some blonde spank him in bed. If that's too much teen peen for you, there's always Tim Wallers stripping down for a nude hot tub soak or Harry Enfield showing some plumber's crack as he bends over. If you're looking for some A-listers before they were famous and back when they were barely legal, Skins is the skintimate series you'll want to track down.