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Velociraptor (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


If it were the end of the world, how would you spend your last day? In Velociraptor (2014) two friends, one gay and one straight, spend their last day alive walking around the town they grew up in and reminiscing about their lives. As the day goes on the friends get closer and even feel a certain sexual tension between them. They must decide whether they want to act on this desire or face the apocalypse with it unsaid.

Carlos Hendrick Huber and Pablo Mezz are the two friends and they both show plenty of skin. At one point as they relax in bed together naked Pablo shows his upper body, but Carlos flashes some ass and penis while pulling his underwear on. Both guys give us some side-booty in a scene where they get it on. When the thrusting is done they collapse on the bed on top of each other letting us check out those cheeks from the side. Add in another ass shot from Carlos and both guys looking hot in a scene where they kiss, and it makes this trip into the apocalypse a skintastic one.