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White Lines

White Lines (2020)

Brief Nudity


White Lines (2020) is a one season wonder of a Netflix original series from Spain, all about how a party in Ibiza went real, real, bad. A little over twenty years ago, Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock) woke up to news that her brother Axel (Tom Rhys Harries) had died while partying in the hottest hotspot in Europe. They never found his body, and the once tight group of friends Axel hung out with fell apart over the course of the next two decades. Zoe moved on, but one day, out of nowhere, she gets a call that they found her brother's body and that she needs to go to Ibiza to identify it. She jumps at the opportunity but isn't happy with how little local law enforcement cares about investigating a mysterious death from two decades ago on an island where everyone's constantly inebriated. Setting out on her own, Zoe does her best to track down all his old friends for info, see who on the island remembers anything about that night back in the late 90's, and try to figure out what really happened to her brother. Told both in the present day and via flashbacks to the past, since Ibiza is the rave capital of the world, you'd better believe there is a lot of partying going on, and a lot of cocaine being done. Mr. Man will always pick a party in his pants or a good blow-jay over a blow fueled fiesta, but to each his own! Partying obviously means naked men, which explains why we get to see one nude dude's backsack when he gets out of the tub. That's Paulo Pires, who bares peen through the back of his legs! Great peepee P-P! Pedro Casablanc, Tom Rhys Harries, and Nuno Lopes all bare buns in their straight sex scenes. We'd love to get a White Lines lineup of all those tremendous tushes side by side! Want something gayer? You got it! Guillermo Lasheras and Jonny Green get busy in a sensual flashback scene that starts with the two of them jerking each other off and ends in passionate lovemaking. Apparently, Ibiza is sure to please ya! White Lines will have your pants covered in white splotches!