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Keywords: Great Nudity!, White, Blond Hair

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, US

Date of Birth: 07/15/60

Real Name: Albert William Upton

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Paradise (1982) Nude, butt, penis, shirtless 00:41:30 Willie goes fishing in the nude. There's a quick shot of his bait and tackle as he strides towards the ocean. (25 secs)
Paradise (1982) Sexy, shirtless, underwear 00:43:00 Willie flashes a major wedgie when he gets up to confront his chick. When he jumps in the water, there's a distant look at his junk through his clingy loincloth. Wild! (1 min 48 secs)
Paradise (1982) Nude, butt, sexy, underwear 01:00:37 Willie flashes his butt while he army crawls on the sand. (1 min 7 secs)
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It's a long way from frolicking naked with Phoebe Cates to fighting crime as a Christian superhero, but Willie Aames has done both in his career. Born in 1960, Willie started out as a child actor and got his first big break on the squeaky-clean TV series Swiss Family Robinson from 1975-1976. Soon after, he scored the role of Tommy Bradford on Eight is Enough, and teenage Willie enjoyed a period of sitcom stardom that propelled him into films like Scaveneger Hunt (1979), Zapped! (1982), and Paradise (1982). In the latter, you can fully appreciate Willie's willy about 41 minutes into the flick. In the scene, Willie goes fishing totally naked. There's a quick but luscious shot of his bate bait and tackle as he walks toward the water. About 20 minutes later, Willie shows off that seat meat while he army crawls on the sand. Don't get any in the crack, Aames! Later in his career, Willie became an ordained minister who co-created and starred in the Christian kids' series Bibleman, but this holy-roller wasn't always so pure: remember that you can see his Willie (among other things) in the aforementioned Paradise.  His Aames is true, all right! Nonetheless, this silver fox is still preaching the gospel of hotness in a range of silver screen and boob tube performances. Find him in movies like Harvest Moon (2015), Dater's Handbook (2016), One Small Indiscretion (2017) Love on the Menu (2019), and Bottle Monster (2020). By the way, Willie, feel free to release your pants monster whenever the urge hits you!