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Deathstroke, Deviation, Doctor Doom, Harley Quinn, Hela, Lex Luthor, Loki, Magneto, Poison Ivy, Sinestro,Thanos, Ultron, Venom, Vex, Viper, and General Zod are the names of supervillains. And though Zoltan Tobolik also sounds like a supervillain, he’s actually a super hot actor. Yet his personal life is as mysterious and elusive  as most of these comic book characters. Suffice it to say, Zoltan’s solo film appearance has us whacking off faster than a speeding bullet! The dark-haired doll made his movie debut in 1992 thanks to Man Bites Dog. We knew from the minute we laid eyes on his naked frame that Zoltan has what it takes to make our superhero dreams come true. The cult film scored an NC-17 rating for its graphic sexual content and Mr. Tobolik’s full frontal nudity! Maybe that’s why the movie won the Cavens Award for Best Film. Shot in black and white by directors André Bonzel, Benoît Poelvoorde and Rémy Belvaux, the indie flick is a black comedy about crime. But instead of tickling your funny bone, it will probably give you a bone. During an unsettling scene, Zoltan’s character is forced by home invaders to shed his threads. He must stand naked and watch while these men take his wife on the kitchen table. The silver lining is we get to see Z’s bare chest and all the rest. We’re talking pubes, cock and balls. Regardless of the disturbing action, it’s hard not to be aroused. Man Bites Dog? More like Mr. Man Spanks Monkey!