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Body Melt (1994)

Brief Nudity
  • Directed by: Philip Brophy
  • Home Release: 11/25/2003
  • Country: Australia
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Body Melt (1993) is a science fiction comedy about residents of a subdivision in a small town who become the test subjects of a new experiment without their consent. A new "body drug" is being distributed which causes the body to decompose quickly. It's gross body horror for sure, but we are enthralled with the hot body on Barry Whitnell who is shirtless in bed wearing teeny red shorts that start expanding...until his penis explodes. Oh, that's a huge buzzkill, but your penis might explode too admiring Barry's big bulging biceps. Robert Simper meanwhile shows his black pubes and penis as he lays back on a couch while his girlfriend injects a drug into his body. He seems relaxed and it's making our Body Melt. Matt McLean is a total beefcake who is ready to get sexy with his girl, showing his beefy buns before getting into bed. Wow, those are some sexy buns...too bad he ends up exploding in this scene, too. 


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