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Argentinian hottie Bruno Giacobbe will start a fuego south of your border. Fuego is Spanish for fire which is also Bruno's native tongue. Mmmm, sorry, we got distracted thinking about Bruno's tongue. This hottie has appeared in short films like In-Fusion and La Solapa. He has also starred in Multiverso, ASYLUM: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales (2020), Cuadras Largas (2019), and many more. He began his beautiful career in 2017 with a feature film debut that also landed him a sexy spot on Mr. Man's index. He played The Pale Man aka El Homrbre Palido in the film Aterrados which is known in English as Terrified. You definitely won't be terrified of the beautiful Bruno who shows his buns. Yes, he's supposed to be scary, but we see right through the horror exterior because we are busy focusing on that hot derriere. He's the Pale Man, but that beauty pales to nothing. He's striking as he stands there as some kind of demon creature without pants. Demons without pants? We actually don't mind that at all. This pantsless demon can haunt us literally any day or night of the week. We'll be counting on it. Until then, we'll continue to have pleasant nightmares about this scary hunk and his hot hiney. Argentina sure knows how to make its men sexy! The only thing missing from this haunted scene is, of course, Bruno Giacobbe's peen. We can settle for just his seat meat. Maybe next time Giacobbe can serve us his cob.