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Keywords: No Nudity, Latino / hispanic, Brown Hair

Birthplace: , US

AKA: Denali, Denali Foxx

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Cordero Zuckerman is the real name of the Latinx drag queen Denali from The Windy City. Denali is an amazing, multi-talented hottie who originally hails from the cold northern state of Alaska. Cordero Zuckerman is half Jewish and half Mexican but spent their formative years in the great white north where Cordero began an interest in ice skating and ice dancing. Cordero later moved to Chicago where the cold winters didn't bother him one bit! He worked as a choreographer and figure skater before venturing into doing drag as their drag name Denali Foxx. When Cordero is not ice dancing, Cordero is donning heavy makeup and costumes to lip-sync on the runway of RuPaul's Drag Race. Denali entered the workroom in season 13 and was one of the losing queens in the first episode who had to go to the Pork Chop Lounge. The Pork Chop Queens all got a second chance and Cordero wound up winning the very first challenge for that set of queens and she slayed her runway. While she is a stunning queen, we think Mr. Zuckerman is also a hot young man. He got out of drag in the workroom and showed off his firm abs and lean muscles. Ice skating sure does create a sexy figure, doesn't it? Cordero or making our corazon melt his hot body. He is definitely one of the trades of the season! We love to watch Cordero Zuckerman whether he's tucked or untucked. You could call Denali Foxx Cordero TUCKerman.