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Cursed (2020)

Brief Nudity
  • Created by: Frank Miller, Tom Wheeler
  • Network: Netflix
  • Country: United Kingdom
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Cursed (2020) is an epic science-fiction fantasy series about a teenager who also happens to be a sorceress. This magical girl named Nimue meets a young King Arthur - before he finds the sword that will make him king - and the two journey together to find the sword. However, their journey makes them wonder what will happen if the sword chooses a queen over the notorious king. We follow them as they seek the sword, go on adventures, battle monsters and men, and show us some very sexy guys in the process.Gustaf Skarsgårdappears to be a part of a magical ritual in which he is all tied up and writhing around on a table nude. We don't see his crotch, but he does turn over to show his ass to the camera. He plays Merlin, so he's obviously filled with wizarding magic and knowledge. Who is young Arthur? That would be the darling and handsome Devon Terrell who does justice to the legendary king of lore. Devon Terrell ends up happily discarding his clothes in order to dive into a natural pool of water. Devon ends up discarding all of his clothes to get into a natural pool of water for an outdoor bath. Nimue shields her eyes when she realizes what the young man has done, but how could she possibly look away? His sleek abs are powerfully hot as is his tight booty. If you look close enough, you can even catch the very top of his shaft. We bet his johnson is the sword that makes your bone turn to stone.