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Dangerously Close

Dangerously Close (1986)

Brief Nudity

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Dangerously Close (1986) rides the wave of teen vigilante films that arose in the 80s with political undertones and slick production. It takes place at a wealthy, ultra-conservative high school after an outbreak of vandalism leads to the formation of a group of students who call themselves The Sentinels. These teenage elitists decide to bring order and decency back to their beloved institution even it means eliminating their socially undesirable classmates who don't fit in. This brings about the brutal murder of one of their targets and a secret pact to keep the truth buried. But when an editor for the high school paper begins to uncover the wrong-doings of the right-wing Sentinels, the crazy clique become even more ruthless in their tyrannical tactics. Just about everyone who attends this school looks like a model, not to mention dangerously close to their mid-thirties, but you'll gladly suspend your disbelief to catch glimpse at J. Eddie Peck's pecs as he struts around his room in only a pair of jeans. Likewise, you'll appreciate John Stockwell walking around the school showers in a towel, and flashing his buns en route to his locker.