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Partners (1982)

Brief Nudity

The clash of straight and gay is presented with shades of blue in Partners (1982). This comic social commentary aims to show that the cops who protect and serve the general populace are often people just like everybody else. What's more, they occasionally do come from alternative-lifestyle segments. As Partners opens, there has been a rash of homosexual murders, resulting in a robustly heterosexual homicide dick (Ryan O'Neal) being ordered to dive deep under glamour-boy cover and take closeted Records Clerk Officer Kerwin (John Hurt) along as his guide. The killer, make no mistake, will be brought to justice, and in the process a trucks- and trollop-loving stud will gain a whole new appreciation for the other side of the sexual street. You'll gain a deep appreciation for Ryan O'Neal's bare ass which he flaunts at a photo shoot 48-minutes in. Plus Steven Reisch shows it all while skinny-dipping and later being humiliated by idiotic cops. Nice penal code!

Ryan O'Neal

Nude - as Sgt. Benson

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Steven Reisch

Nude - as Counter Boy

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