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Deadpool (2016)

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When sex explosion Ryan Reynolds signed up to star in Marvel’s risky and risqué R-rated superhero flick Deadpool, we at Mr. Man braced ourselves for some Ryan rump. There was a small, blissfully optimistic voice in the back of our heads, however, wondering if Dead would also bring on the head. While we can confirm that a now infamous peen shot is in fact CGI, his gorgeous butt is 100% real beef! 

In the movie Wade Wilson (Reynolds) falls head over heels for Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), only to find out that he’s terminally ill. With nothing to lose, the cheeky bad boy agrees to undergo an experimental procedure to save his live. Baddie scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) has plans more invasive than expected, and we end up with a super powered antihero who happens to fill the hell out of red Spandex! If you’re interested in seeing what Reynolds is packing, head to the 26 minute mark to catch some buns as he sexes up his hun! You’ll be in a pool of something! 


Ryan Reynolds

Nude - as Wade Wilson / Deadpool

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