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Game Over, Man!

Game Over, Man! (2018)

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The Netflix comedy Game Over, Man! (2018) came from and starred the masterminds behind the hilarious Comedy Central series Workaholics. And for us jerkaholics? Oh yes, there's plenty of male nudity! Also the film's screenwriter, Anders Holmm stars as Darrenn, a loser housekeeper who works at a fancy hotel in LA alongside his buddies Joel (Blake Anderson) and Alexxx (Adam DeVine). They're trying to raise money for "Skintendo," their VR video game, and think the job is a great way to get them near people with money. But when a group of terrorists take over the hotel, it's up to our trio to take them down and save the day. How are they gonna do that? Will their game ever get funding? And most importantly, will the adorable Adam DeVine show his ding dong? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, because in one scene, DeVine fakes death from erotic asphyxiation while holding on to his actual cock. RIP David Carradine. Yes, he's trying to hide but knows the bad guys (Steve Howey and Mac Brandt) looking for him will look in the closet. So, he hops in there whips it out, and plays Possum. That dick is awesome! Then, he storms around the hotel room pantsless, giving us ample looks at his delish swinging stick and balls! Throw in a shot of Jon Gabrus' hefty ass as he gets eaten out by some poor hostage being forced to toss his salad, as well as a gay makeout scene with hotties Steve Howey and Mac Brandt as the closeted terrorists get all worked up from seeing DeVine's closet cock, and you'll be saying "Bend Over, Men!"