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I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here (2010)

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I’m Still Here (2010) is a Casey Affleck directed documentary following the transition Joaquin Phoenix takes from actor to rapper. The film also stars Antony Langdon and Carey Perloff. The story follows Phoenix for a year as he lives, practices, socializes, and attempts to break into the ever changing hip-hop industry. From parties to rehearsals, the film documents all of the changes Phoenix really goes through. We get some fantastic full frontal from the alluring Antony Landon and the luscious Larry McHale. Antony pulls out that perfect peen to show it off to an impressed prostitute. Later we see that mouthwatering wee-wee again when Joaquin chases him around the house whipping him with a towel. The mesmerizing Mr. McHale shows off his sexy schlong as he gets out of the bathtub. We see Joaquin showing off his brand new beard and plumped up little pot-belly while he snorts coke off hookers and spanks naked men with towels, but for views of Joaquin fully naked, I'm Still Here, waiting.