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Eden (2014)

No Nudity

Top Scene


An American soccer team is headed home after a big tournament, as they are wont to do, when their plane crashes off the coast of a deserted island. While vaguely (or not so vaguely) reminscent of both Lost and Lord of the Flies, the professional-athlete twist is a new and welcome rendition of a familiar, mostly because it's full of six packs and testosterone. Alas, when that much man meat is alone on an island, things tend to get ugly, and the once unified clan begins to unravel and form factions, one of which is brutally and violent while the other is peaceful and benevolent. Ah, survival. Friends will be killed off, Japanese mines will be detonated, rations will dessimate, and the soccer team may never play soccer on an actual field of grass again. It's all good, though, because it gives us an unparalleled opportunity to see Brad Schmidt, Diego Boneta, Ethan Peck, Eugene Simon, Grant Alan Ouzts, and Nate Parker shirtless. In fact, they're pretty much always shirtless. What is it about life or death situations that makes everyone take their clothes off? No matter. If I could choose to get stuck on a deserted island with a men's soccer team, I would do it.