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Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood (2020)

No Nudity

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If there is something the British do spectacularly well is a good old fashioned tense family drama, Flesh and Blood!  In this Sussex set drama, the adult children of a recently widowed and well-to-do mother worry about who their mum is dating after dear old dad passed away 18 months prior.  It's a classic everybody is doinking everybody type show in an idyllic English coastal setting; the son is sleeping with a client to pay back gambling debts, the daughter is having an affair with her married boss, and mom is banging the guy from The Crying Game (Stephen Rea), who is likely not to be trusted.  Behind all the white picket fences and beautiful seaside landscapes and Tudor style homes, there is something more rotten under the veneer of the upper-middle class!  Can you trust your neighbors, your friends, YOUR FAMILY EVEN???  Well heavy on the drama, it is short on the beefcake side of the sexiness.  We only get a single shirtless love making scene from the son (Russel Tovey) who is putting the blocks to his foxy older client as previously mentioned to pay off his debts.  Hopefully the second series of this will up the sexy side of things for the boys!