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Free Fall

Free Fall (2013)

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In the homoerotic drama Free Fall (2013), Hanno Koffler co-stars as Marc, a policeman who lives with Bettina (Katharina Schüttler), his long-time, pregnant girlfriend. The cop’s life soon changes when he meets Kay (Max Riemelt), a fellow officer on the force. As the law enforcers spend more time together, they start to develop a sexual relationship, leading to the carnal consummation of their desires. Bettina soon suspects that Marc may be cheating, but she thinks he is seeing another woman. When the troubled couple’s baby is born, the new dad and his fling begin to feud. Things get worse when everyone learns of Kay’s sexual disposition, leading Bettina to discover the truth about her boyfriend. As Bettina packs her bags and takes the baby to her friends’ house, the cheating cop is left with some heartbreaking choices.

In a deleted locker room scene from the film, Shenja Lacher shows his butt, balls and penis while drying off. Also, Hanno Koffler offers us a look at his beautiful backside as he slips on his boxers. These hunky dudes will have you working over time on your loins!