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You and I (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Do you want a ton of male nudity and hot gay moments to boot? Well you’re in luck! The steamy indie drama You and I (2016) follows friends Jonas (Eric Klotzsch) and Philip (George Taylor) as they embark on a road trip together. Their seemingly platonic relationship is prone to bouts of nudity and affectionate touching, and even when Jonas finds out that Philip is gay and has feelings for him, he isn’t fazed. In this regard You and I is truly a product of the 21st century, as although homosexuality is being addressed, it’s anything but shocking to the characters. Jealousy takes its hold on Jonas when Philip and wayward traveler Boris (Michal Grabowski) fall for each other. Is Jonas suddenly interested in Philip’s head? As we stated, there’s tons of dudity here, including some skinny dipping action and nude spit swapping! Jonas, You and I? Sure!


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