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Gangs of London

Gangs of London (2020-2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Gangs of London (2020) is a flashy action series jolly old England where power struggles over street gangs are the name of the game. Some bad blokes from different gangs fight to control territory after one of the bosses of London's most powerful crime family is suddenly killed. His death creates a power vacuum and all of the gangs, from England and beyond, start to fight for power. This is like an international war, but only with mobs! There is a hot gay scene in this show if you can believe it. These mobster bad boys still make time to unwind with other hot bad boys and so much more. There is a gay party scene where one young twink even wears a little jockstrap that shows off his bulge and buttcheeks. That young man is Henry Felix who plays Dylan. He shows his hot haunches and cheeks when he walks into a sex party, surrounded by hot guys making out with each other. Henry is so hot as he marches past a bunch of barely dressed men who are rubbing on one another. How do we get an invite to this party? If the Gangs of London are going to be this gay and throw these kinds of glorious gay parties, then we would very much like to join the gang now, please. One gay gang gangbang coming right up! In the meantime, we'll settle for Henry's darling derriere as he walks around this hot little party. Work it!