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Grand Army

Grand Army (2020)

No Nudity


Ah, troubled teens, the well never runs dry on material for TV and each generation of new teens faces similar problems but for Gen-Z teens in Brooklyn, it seems like the old problems and the new problems of today are crushing down on them with the weight of the world!  In this new series from streaming service Netflix, we are dropped into the middle of a wide array of teens at Brooklyn's largest public high school.  As these teens face the typical problems of sex, drugs, friendships being tested, bullies, and all the other stuff we've all seen on pretty much every TV show going back to My Three Sons...  We get a whole new batch of more focused Gen-Z problems like terrorism, online bullying, systemic racism, class struggles, and sexual identity crisis.  Though the majority of the cast are on the younger side, there is no shortage of hunky hotties playing under their real life age bracket, like David Iacono, who is a muscle bound babe with no shirt on in the locker room, as well as August Blanco Rosenstein and Amir Bageria, who get hot and heavy with some serious smooching.  Also, Matthew Finlan gets in on the gay good time with some heavy petting in a fitting room with no shirt on!  If there is one thing we can truly appreciate about the younger generation, they still know how to party and look good doing it, so let's not discount anything they do because we believe the children are the future and they will eventually get naked on film!  What a Grand Army of youths!