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I'm All Yours (2015)

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I’m All Yours (2015) is a quirky drama that explores the inner workings of an eclectic family living in one of Paris’ banlieues. Each of the four main family members has their own neurosis, and multicultural issues here abound in a way unusual for French cinema. The mother of the Belkacem clan is a far out hippie who will do anything to keep her kids happy and the father is a pathologically generous grocer who gives out favors in lieu of bringing home the bacon. Sis Hanna is a sex addict and bro Hakim is taking up the Muslim faith – a storyline that touches on the changing religious climate in some Parisian suburbs. As it turns out, Hakin is ill and his sister is having sex with his doctor, who just happens to be the gorgeous Laurent Capelluto! In addition to seeing Laurent’s juicy lumps, I’m All Yours gives us a full frontal look at the truly adorable Christophe Paou! With that delicious swinging package, he can be all ours! 


Laurent Capelluto

Nude - as Le docteur Paul Martins

6 Pics & 2 Clips
Christophe Paou

Nude - as Le troisième amant d'Hanna

7 Pics & 1 Clip

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