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iCarly (2021)

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iCarly (2021) is an updated take on the original series iCarly in which she was a fictional teen web host in 2012. It's ten years later and she is back with a brand new internet show. She is trying to revive her show in a new internet landscape. Miranda Cosgrove, the child star who first charmed all of us in School of Rock, has always been the star of iCarly. From her Disney days to this Paramount Plus revival, Carly is back with her cast of friends who all live in a cool, modern loft apartment (how do these TV stars always get apartments like this?! Asking for a friend). Watch Carly and her friends navigate adult life from dating, dealing with familial expectations, changes, careers, and making her brand new show. It's iCarly for the new generation! And the cast is all mostly back, too. Jerry Trainor plays Spencer, which he always has, but now he is all grown up and drop-dead sexy. He's as hilarious as ever, but he's now fully a MAN. His dark hair, sexy, eyes and his tall frame make him a classically handsome TV actor. This total smoke show is seen cooking in the kitchen without at clothes on. He wears an apron and that is IT. That means we get to check out his long and lean legs and just picture what he is and is not wearing underneath that little apron. He may be cooking, but he looks like a snack in this scene.