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Inhuman Resources (2020-)

Brief Nudity

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Unemployment is a scary thing to be on and this former high paid executive is desperate to get back into the business world at any cost!  When Alain Delambre (Eric Cantona) is offered a position at the prestigious company Exxya, he will do anything to get it and the sadistic hoops they try to make him jump through lead him down a scary path.  He's willing to betray his wife, steal from his children, fight his friends, and even take hostages.  All of these stunts send this seemingly nice man to prison where he takes beating after beating while trying to get back to the outside!  There is simply nothing going right for this man in this series out of France!  The best thing going for Eric Cantona though is that serious bumper he's got in real life and shows off a couple of times in some prison shower scenes.  There is plenty of uncredited hunky prison boy toys showing off the goods in the background as well!  


Eric Cantona

Nude - as Alain Delambre

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