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Plan B

Plan B (2021)

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The French do love themselves an outlandish premise, and the 2021 series Plan B is absolutely no exception! Catherine (Cécile Rebboah) is the producer of one of the most popular radio programs in the country whose life is turned upside down when her daughter (Kim Higelin) is found dead. The police tell her that it was a suicide, but Catherine refuses to believe that her daughter would commit suicide and thinks the police overlooked crucial evidence. This is where Florence (Julie De Bona) and Nicolas (Bruno Debrandt) come into the picture. They approach Catherine with the opportunity to use something known as Plan B, wherein she can return to the past and save her daughter's life. What sounds like an impossible proposition at first becomes shockingly real when Catherine finds herself in the recent past, tracking her daughter's movements over the last few hours of her life. As the fateful moment approaches, Catherine is left with more questions than answers and also hasn't eliminated a single one of the many, many suspects she's amassed over the course of this investigation. When Catherine finally gets to the bottom of what's going on, she's definitely not going to like what she finds! One of the suspects that Catherine takes an interest in is Manu (Tom Leeb) a tall drink of water who goes skinny dipping in episode four, showing off his sculpted ass that's absolutely drool-worthy! We're not sure where this investigation of hers is headed, but our skinvestigation is going to center on these pics of Tom's ass for a little while... we'll let you know what we find out!