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Lov3 (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Love3 (2022) is a Brazilian series that is filled to the brim with sex. Do you know what that means? We get to see SEXY MEN. We will get to those Latin lovers very soon. This series is an Amazon Original that showcases three siblings Ana, Sofia, and Beto who are not interested in having traditional relationships after their parents' 30 year marriage comes to a sudden end. All of them are reeling from the divorce news, despite all being adults. They act out by having a lot of sex and crazy relationships! That is when the hunky guys come in. Drayson Menezzes plays Artur who bares buns when he walks around nude. João Vithor Oliveira plays Beto and he betta work with his HOT gay sex scenes. He getting banged by dudes and showing his ass when he is a bottom for one guy who doesn't show him a lot of love. Just say hello to Caio Horowicz who says caio to his pants when he pulls them down for gay sex as he bangs João. We see both of these boys' balls and penises when they are done with the act. Jorge Neto plays Matheus who goes gay and straight in his hot sex scenes. Hey, we don't care which way he swings as long as he is showing that tight ass of his. Diogo Monteiro plays Shion who is NOT shy when it comes to nudity. We see his cock and balls in his hot scenes. His Brazilian booty is also making waves all the way across the world. We are paying attention to these five foxes. In fact, we are in Lov3 with all of them!