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Luz Del Fuego

Luz Del Fuego (1982)

Great Nudity!

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Luz Del Fuego (1982) is a fiery Brazilian film that features something we love most: South American dudes who get completely naked for the camera. Need I say more? I will, but I know that's really all I had to say. That being said, the actual plot follows an old politician who is looking back on an affair he had with a sexy exotic dancer named Luz Del Fuego. He had given her money to live her life away from him and with that fortune, she moved to an island where she started a nudity colony. He visits her on the colony to see how she's doing and finds that this free-spirited nude lifestyle is all the rage. Walmor Chagas plays the hairy old senator who gets naked on the island with his former dancing lover. He sits down and shows his cock and balls with his legs spread on the chair. We also get to admire the gray chest hair lining his big, tan belly. He's not the only cock-baring boy on the island. Joel Barcellos shows uncut cock when he and a girl go over to the water to have sex on the ocean shore. Helber Rangel is also nude and shows his dick in a nest of black pubes. He dances around, showing off his tanned and lanky body. Helber Rangel can wrangle up some feelings in your nether region for sure. These Brazilian boys know how to show off what's south of their equator!