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Moonbase 8

Moonbase 8 (2020)

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In the 50s, when NASA began ramping up the space race, they were looking for men who only had "The Right Stuff" to get us to space and eventually the Moon.  Well, sometimes the talent pool gets watered down or even poisoned a bit over the years and you end up with Cap (John C. Reilly), Rook (Tim Heidecker), and Skip (Fred Armisen) as the dregs of the modern space program.  You see, these three guys are looking to qualify for a trip to the moon, so they are sent to the remote Arizona desert to put themselves to the test at one of the NASA Moon Base Simulators, Moonbase 8, and see if they are made of "The Right Stuff" to be chosen to help mankind back to the moon.  Each one of them faces similar and different difficulties trying to acclimate to the "Moon-like" environment created, including self-doubt, over all loneliness, and most importantly, their own incompetence as kind of crappy astronauts!  Needless to say with a cast of characters like this, hilarity ensues and these half-assed astronauts are probably not even going to make it out of Arizona, let alone the earth's atmosphere, unless they can get over their collective issues and band together to beat out the stiff Moonbase competition they are up against!  The always hilarious and oddly sexy John C. Reilly heads up the cast and shows us plenty of shirtlessness and some quality bulged out undies and Tim Heidecker also pops that shirt for some skin-to-skin contact with John.  Enjoy the hilarity and definitely get ready to "blast off" with these funny boy toys!